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  Sixth Annual Gathering of Goddesses and Gods

  (see videos below)

   PPIN’s sixth annual "Gathering of Goddesses and Gods" event helps shine the light on 
   the need and importance of all the services PPIN provids to nearly 110,000 Hoosiers
   each year. The money raised supports PPIN's Womens' Health Fund, ensuring that
   uninsured and underinsured Hoosiers can afford quality reproductive health services. 

   David Goodrich, Auctioneer and Owner of Goodrich Auction Company, helped make
   2009's "Gathering" a huge success. Mr. Goodrich rallied the crowd of nearly 500 to lively,
   good natured bidding. Providing live auctioneering for donated local and international
   trips, artwork, chef and private parties as well as other unique items. 
By the time the final
   gavel fell, this year’s gathering had raised over $105,000 for PPIN’s Women’s Health 

Toll Free: (877) 657-1990
Local: (574) 255-2556

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